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Calgary search engine optimization companies have undoubtedly increased in popularity as of recent years, with more and more people understanding the need for high-quality services delivered by professionals. However, there is still one question remaining: is it better to do SEO Calgary on your own or to contract the services of professionals?

When do you SEO yourself?
– You have a small business and a small budget;
– You have an SEO-friendly platform;
– You have enough time to learn how to do it;
– You’re not afraid to experiment;
– You are not a novice on the Internet;
– You are willing to take time daily monitoring, evaluation and adjustment;
– You can maintain discipline and working hours without failure temptation to take care of something more urgent, in the allotted time SEO processes.

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I’ll explain a little the last two points because they are essential to success in SEO.   SEO is a process. This means that you can not take a day (or a week) and “do SEO” and then just stop altogether. SEO is done regularly, for two simple reasons: 1. competition is doing SEO and 2. Google changes algorithms quite often and what you did yesterday might not be good tomorrow (except in happy cases when your writing pattern matches search engine’s new algorithm).

When you do SEO, you can take no breaks.

When do you hire a company to fully handle SEO for your website?

Usually, you resort to this solution when:
– You have a clear budget for SEO;
– You do not have time or experience to do it yourself;
– Your platform is not very SEO-friendly;
– You do not want to read long instructions and prefer to outsource.

All you have to do when choosing this solution is to look for and choose a serious company. Those who require small amounts of money are usually either inexperienced companies that try to enter the market and do experiments (it’s better not to use them even if you have low funds) or companies applying automated techniques to limit exposure or even use the “black hat SEO” techniques, which may result in penalties for your website.

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In conclusion, if you have a small site and you know perfectly as to what constitutes as a Google search, you’re willing to read the documentation and you are disciplined enough you do this, you can do SEO on your own. At the other extreme, large sites with many pages/products can not be managed properly and efficiently than specialized people seriously in this process, and this can not be done with a paltry budget. Results of Calgary SEO companies are always proportional with the budget invested